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Cleft Lip Repair Thailand

Cleft Lip Repair is also known as Cheiloplasty. It is a surgical method to correct grooving type of defect in the lip. The cleft lip is because of the reason the lip is not fused properly during embryonic development stage. This defect can be corrected by surgery and hence prevents further damage to parts like nose, eyes, cheeks etc and also solves problem related to speaking, breathing, eating that patient might have due to cleft lip and also improves physical appearance that person.
The Cleft Lip is generally diagnosed immediately after birth by comprehensive physical examination and needs continuous monitoring of its growth and development. The cleft lip repair surgery can be done at any age but it's better to get it operated at the earliest. Most of the cleft can be operated by one time surgery but if cleft is extensive or bilateral then two surgeries may be needed. There are many techniques available for Cleft Lip Repair but the most commonly used is the Millard Rotation Advancements (R-A) technique. In this the local anesthesia is given to patient and grooving or double curve of upper lip might be done as per condition. The scar fall and the central section of the upper lip are adjusted according to the requirement as the procedure helps to provide flexibility.

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